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The Montage-software nota is produced by the Produktionsgemeinschaft nota: the theater collective VOLL:MILCH, the computer scientist and programmer Nils Bultjer, the artist and computer scientist Jan Neukirchen and conservation scientist Melissa Köhler. We understand nota as a social, technical and aesthetic digital rehearsal space and as a Montage-tool. Produced by a collective of artists, scientists and coders, it is an alternative to "software solutions".

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nota works best on a laptop or dektop computer, unfortunately we have to recommend google chrome. For best user experience we recommend using a computer mouse!

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nota simulates a virtually infinite digital space for arranging text, image, video and audio files. These different media fragments can be arranged side by side or in and around one another. You can work on the various nota spaces from any speedy Internet access and the spaces can be shared. The program does not only simulate an immense surface, but also a dimension of almost infinite depth, which you can immerse yourself in and out of which you can emerge: With this dimension you can not only go into detail or gain an overview, in nota even the smallest detail can contain a new cosmos, you will always find gaps inside or inbetween the fragments and you can lose yourself in the vastness of notas space.

With its unusual limits and dimensions, nota offers the opportunity to transfer aesthetic processes into digital space, to get our data out of their folders and other familiar digital structures and to reflect on our previous digital practices. It can function as a personal or collective digital archive or enrich the work with collections and montage techniques and offers the opportunity for discussions as well as a common rehearsal space for artists and coders, even if there is no particular affinity for digitality. nota's interface is as accessible as it is provisional, and the program's open source code is in constant exchange with the Montage practices that artists bring into this space.

With notastage we explore nota as a digital rehersal space for performative practices and with notanarchive we research nota as a rehersal space for archive theory and pratice in the Indepedent Theater Scene.

notas first prototype was produced during our residency in the LAB FFM 2017. The software was further developed within the "Digitization Triple II" of PAP Berlin and for a production at the ITZ Tübingen 2018. We prestented nota within the ZHdK Research Academy 2018. nota was demonstrated at re; publica19 and at the Theater der Dinge 2019. We were invited by Kampnagel to be part of the Community of Pratice of the Alliance conference Claiming Common Spaces II. In 2020 we were invited to the #nextlevel conference by the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Spiel und Theater. As part of VOLL:MILCHs Konzeptionsförderung of the Ministry of Science and Arts of Lower Saxony the Produktionsgemeinschaft nota receives a basic funding. For further information on nota-workshops and presentations as well as sponsors and cooperation partners see the project pages for notastage and notanarchive.

A demonstration of notas dimensions as a Montage space