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Since 2018 VOLL:MILCH has been researching nota with the documenta restorer Melissa Köhler. Together with fellow collectives and scientists we have tested possible formats, practices and potentials of a digital archive practice for performative art. We are working on a concrete contribution to the discussion on the question of the design of an archive for Independet Theater Scene; a question that has been circulating for years. We are not an archive institution, our project is a performative intervention in this discourse. We do not have an archive software solution, rather nota is a rehearsal space for archive theory and practice.
In 2019/2020 we received a Initialförderung by the Fonds Darstellende Künste to research a model for archiving in nota. In December of 2019 we had our first archive meeting with Hildesheim collectives (DIE SOZIALE FIKTION, edgarundallan) and students (team of the festival transeuropa), with rehearsal researcher and Interrobang dramaturge Lisa Großmann, with Astrid Hesse from the design studio Bas & Aer and with Anika Kind of our cooperation partner Theaterhaus Hildesheim. Together we started an exchange about archive practices, we tested our archive model and discussed archive structures.
In 2021 in the Theaterhaus Hildesheim we will celebrate the opening of our rehearsal space for archive theory and practice, which has been postponed due to Covid 19. From 7th-8th May we will assemble, archive and discuss together in a hybrid format. (Program will follow soon.)
For our archiving network we are working with LaFT Niedersachen, Mime-Centrum Berlin und the Initiative für die Archive des Freien Theaters.

Screen recording by Melissa Köhler of a Montage space by Birk Schindler with fragments of the publication Archives of the Ephemeral by the PANCH – Performance Art Network CH